Special Bulletin 🚩Board Nominations OPEN

We are now accepting nominations for the 2024-25 Board of Directors slate to be presented at our upcoming Annual General Meeting.

President (Two Year Term): nomination form
Vice President (Two Year Term): nomination form
Treasurer (Two Year Term): nomination form
Central Director (One Year Term): nomination form

We encourage all members to consider becoming involved through volunteering on PMA’s Board of Directors. Just as council members can participate in positions on the Board and Committees with Municipalities Newfoundland & Labrador, administrative employees have the opportunity to be a part of municipal advocacy and governance on behalf of sector employees through involvement with PMA.

With the support of your council, you can be a part of continuing to build a strong network of administrative professionals, share best practices, and create educational and networking opportunities that will ultimately further your municipal knowledge and benefit your community.

PMA understands the financial restrictions that many communities face, and to that end, the organization has introduced policies to ensure that any financial costs to attend or participate in PMA sanctioned events are not to be borne by the individual members elected to Board of Director positions or their municipality.

We have also a letter you can download and share with your councils in order to secure their support of your interest in being a part of the PMA Board of Directors.

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