Your Membership

Contact the PMA Office to find out more about PMA Membership.  Fees (per municipality) range according to the population of your municipality, and are approved by the membership.

Why Join PMA?

Memberships PMA gives you access to tips, tools, tricks and resources that focus on the practical requirements of your role as a municipal administrator.  PMA member benefits include our CORE Training Program & Advanced Modules to allow you access to the knowledge vital to performing your role in local governance.  We host regular training and networking events that focus on emerging issues and best practices to keep our members aware of all current legislation and requirements for municipalities. These events also allow you the opportunity to build relationships and build your career while networking with peers from across the province who have a broad range of experience and knowledge to share.

PMA Regional Map

Click the image below to view a Google Map of the municipalities in our membership, and find out which region they are apart of.