Compensation & Benefits Survey Now OPEN!

One of the most frequent requests received by PMA centres on salaries and other non-financial benefits/compensation for municipal administrators. Our most current information on file is 5 years old, and does not include data for smaller municipalities.

Our goal with the 2022 Compensation & Benefits Survey is to create a current and relevant baseline for salaries and benefits that our members currently receive. This data will also help members individually as you prepare to negotiate annual salary increases or additional benefits.

Additionally, PMA can use the survey data to build an advocacy platform to ensure municipal employees are receiving fair and competitive wages.

Anonymous survey results will be available to PMA Members who have participated in the survey. Your responses will allow us to build baseline information regarding the current state of compensation for PMA Members. Your contact information will not be shared; survey administrators are collecting it only so they may follow up with you should any questions arise about your response.

The survey closes on November 4, 2022. The short survey period is to allow us to disseminate the information to members as soon as possible while you are still working through your 2023 budgets.

Click here to complete the survey.

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